I came to America in 1977, after having lived my first 38 years in my native country, Germany. I resided in Zurich, Switzerland and Annecy, France in my early 20s, studied English and French, both mandatory languages in High School, at a Business Language College in Frankfurt.

Being curious about the rest of the world, I left my various office jobs as secretary, office manager, court transcriber and entered the travel industry in the mid-70s, as a licensed city guide in Frankfurt and translator. I pursued escorting groups through Europe, the United States and Canada and was successful.

My love for travel took me to Yemen, Oman, Jordan, The United Emirates, Bahrain and Sri Lanka as well as to South Africa, with which I truly fell in love.

I had always an interest in writing and often got an A+ for my essays in high school. Later on, I expressed my opinions in letters to newspapers. They were usually published. I volunteered as press secretary at one of Germany’s annual “Kirchentag”, a global convention of Christian ministers in the country.

I met my husband, Denis, a native of Chicago, an educator and former Peace Corps volunteer in the late 70s in Scottsdale, AZ. He had just escaped from a country close to a revolution, followed by the ousting of Shah Reza Pahlavi in Iran. We were married in 1981 by Sandra Day O’Connor, just after her appointment to the US Supreme Court, in the backyard of our close friend Louise in Scottsdale.

After we lived in the Los Angeles area for a short time, my husband was contracted by the University of Petroleum and Minerals in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia in 1982, where he had served twice already. I was happy to follow him on a new venture (new for me) to spend 6 years there.
In the early years, I acted as a representative for ALIA, the Jordanian Airline, Gulf Air, based in Bahrain and organized and escorted groups of university faculty members to Yemen on 3 different occasions.

In 1985, back in Arizona, I became an American citizen. At that time we started Egan Tour Service, Inc., a receptive tour operator, catering to European groups traveling into the U.S. and Canada. Something I had planned for a long time! We operated the Company successfully until the end of 1999, when we both returned to Saudi Arabia for a last assignment of my husband’s many “visits” to the region, not knowing that this would last just a short 2 years with the dreadful attack on New York on September 11, 2001. We were traumatized! The world would never be the same again. We returned back home 3 weeks later.

It is important for me to state, that the university’s campus also housed 500 faculty members of various ethnic groups of all colors, backgrounds from many foreign countries. I very much enjoyed the interaction with all of them, exchanging customs, speaking different languages and socializing.

Since my husband had spent 17 years of his working life in countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia during 3 different decades, he started a speaking series back in the US, about the Middle East, it’s culture, languages, history and religion of the different Islamic factions at colleges and private institutions.

I, who always loved homes and interior design, tried my luck in real estate, which I worked in until 2011. I am now retired and a hobby painter, love classical music, the outdoors golf and skiing and our social life with friends.

I am a proud and fierce supporter of our DULY ELECTED President, Donald Trump. 8 years of a green horn like Barrack Hussein Obama, a community organizer and ACTIVIST who almost brought the Country to its knees with either intended or irresponsible presidency. Coming from a socialist country like Germany and the previous communistic regime of Eastern Germany, I am deeply saddened about America’s plunge into division of it’s people, the rebirth of racism and hate, orchestrated by President Obama.


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