Vladimir Putin repeats Adolf Hitler of the 30s in Germany!

Good Morning World! But is it a good morning? It depends on where you live. My trusted German news this morning displayed a grim picture of the Ukraine and the capital city, Kiev (keeyef Pronounced news people not KEEF!) It is horrible to view the pictures of destruction – a Russian plane was shot down over a residential area; some 1200 citizens and military have been slaughtered and an island off the coast of Ukraine was attacked by the Russians, who killed the so-called caretakers of the island, because they would not stand down. These are true patriots and heros. American citizens are caugt in Ukraine and our State Department will not help to get them out. DOES THAT SCENARIO REMIND YOU OF SOME IN THE PAST? LIBYA AND AFGHANISTAN. What has happened to America? This reminds of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, who led the Ambassador to Libya be brutally killed and 5 of the contractors because of a LIE by @Susanrice about some stupid video. Mr. so-called president, @joebiden, are we going to repeat this ? Your entire reaction to the Vladimir Putin and the Russian invasion is deplorable to put it mildly. Do you really think they are frightened of a man, who cannot run his own country? Who has open borders and cares more about illegals, thugs, criminals coming into America than his own citizens? Russia has it’s own people demonstrating in the major cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg, against the Ukraine invasion. And what does Putin do with that, he has his pit bulls (his police) arresting all of them and I shudder to think, what will happen to them. Sanctions is all this government can come up with! Are you complete idiots or are you actually this evil, Not to react in a more offensive way. Do you really think, that Vladimir Putin is moved by some sanctions. He doesn’t give a shit about his own people or whether or not, they can’t get to their bank or use their computers, phones etc. He has stashed his money away like all you politicians, who enrich themselves on the back of public. Putin could at any time just leave the country. Like YOU, the government, he has stashed away enough cash to run, if ever necessary.

Thanks’ to @foxnews, @oann,@newsmax and my information through my German news media, who actually reports the truth, we have the facts, that YOU and your leftist media, won’t eport on. . The rest of the US media and the entire Democrat government in Washington seem to be lliving in lalaland. SHAME ON YOU! The Hill ,@wap,@cnn,@cnninternational,@ARD,@skynews,@bild

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