Why a SECOND Pandemic Is Inevitable —
And the Disturbing Plot Behind It!

11/08/2021: From the Desk of Best-Selling Author Damian Campbell

Hi, my name is Damian Campbell.

I’m one of the main guys who put “Prepping” on the map back around 2010.

From 2010-2011 I sold 281,131 copies of my book “37 Items Sold Out After Crisis” for $37 a copy.

People purchased my book because they saw America heading in the wrong direction, and they wanted to prepare.

Which is why if the chaos of the pandemic caught you by surprise and has caused you even the least bit of anxiety I have both good news and bad news for you.

First, the good news. 

Back in 2011, I predicted just about everything that’s happening today with the pandemic.

And anyone who got my original book then and used the info inside is probably looking at this whole scenario and laughing since they’re prepared.

More importantly is that today I have a fool-proof formula that’ll boost your chances of surviving this crisis – or ANY crisis that could come our way.

Even better is I’m going to share my fool-proof formula with you for FREE today.

And while I have good news for you… I also have some bad news for you.

Based on my track record for predicting the pandemic, I can virtually guarantee another pandemic is going to sweep across the world in the very near future.

I’ll show you the evidence in just a second.

But that’s not the worst part…

I believe the next pandemic will be far more severe… and so will the government’s response to it.Yes, Please Give Me a FREE Copy Of “Pandemic Sucker Punch”!

Well, I thought I was prepared before, but after reading the book it was an eye-opener how unprepared I was. Thanks to Damian I am able to make adjustments to be more prepared for whatever may come my way in the future. I will be passing the book on to a family member for them to read after I reread a few sections of the book. I would like to thank you for the book Damian, it’s great!


Why You Should’ve Seen the Pandemic Coming…
And Why the Next One Will Arrive Soon

Despite the fact that the 2020 pandemic caught most people by surprise, there were several obvious warning signs it was coming …

Signs I was well aware of and talked about openly.

Over the past few years, viruses like SARS, H1N1, Swine Flu, and Ebola have been cropping faster than ever.

And each time they become more contagious and much deadlier.

And while we still don’t know exactly where the virus behind this pandemic came from…

I can guarantee you 2 things about the future:

  1. The countries where the pandemic started haven’t changed anything about keeping rogue viruses under control. So another one is likely ready to explode into the human population soon.
  2. The Global Elite love how this pandemic has played into their hands…and are at work to make sure the next one serves the purpose of giving them even more control than they gained already.

So if you weren’t paying attention… and got blindsided by the first pandemic…

If you were fearful of getting sick and fearful of what happened to our country as big governments got even bigger.

It’s crucial you heed my warning and prepare yourself before the next pandemic by grabbing a copy of my FREE book.

71 copies are available today, so get your FREE copy NOW!Yes, Please Give Me a FREE Copy Of “Pandemic Sucker Punch”!

Why They NEED Another Pandemic —
And How They’ll Use It To Enslave You

Within days of the 2020 pandemic setting in the Global Elite released their plan on how to use it to Reset America and the rest of the world.

Disturbingly they’d been planning for this moment for decades.

And yes, even the U.S. government was in on it.

In 2018, the Chinese-backed WHO held a “high-level pandemic exercise” where they practiced exactly how they’d herd the masses after a deadly outbreak.

Then just 3 months before the beginning of the pandemic… with approval from the US government… Bill Gates’ billion-dollar foundation held a “pandemic simulation” that did the same thing.

Everything you saw happen after the virus hit…

  • The forced quarantines
  • Business closures
  • The mask mandates
  • Kids being ripped out of school

All of it was planned…

And worse yet, this is NOT a conspiracy.

They’ve left proof out in the open for everyone to see!

In fact, they’re so confident they can get away with this plan to “reset” the world…

That they’re selling a book on Amazon that shamelessly admits how they plan to use pandemics to take control of your life forever.

Look at some of the reviews of their disturbing book!

Mr. D. Gillies-morgan

Brain Washing!!!
Reviewed in the United States on September 1, 2020
Verified Purchase

All in all the book is an attempt to guide the readers mind into believing a reset is required. One in which the reader will lose personal freedom, but gain dystopian leadership while agreeing to do so.

And if that’s not enough proof for you…

Inside their evil book they say:

“This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset… changes will be needed to create a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable world going forward.”

But one pandemic isn’t enough to accomplish their despicable plan!

The first pandemic put us in the palm of the Global Elites’ hand… they’ll use the second one to CRUSH us!

That’s why we’re practically guaranteed to see another pandemic very soon.

LOOK — If you value freedom…

If you don’t want to get sick and die when the Global Elite allow yet another biological weapon into the wild…

And if you want to preserve your rights from the next round of oppressive restrictions and mandates (which will make the ones we’ve seen so far look like child’s play)…

You need to grab a copy of “Pandemic Sucker Punch” NOW!Yes, Please Give Me a FREE Copy Of “Pandemic Sucker Punch”!

Here’s Why I’m Giving My Book Away FREE 
And Why You MUST Get It Now!

I’m giving away my book for Free for 1 reason. 

You need to understand how the Pandemic (and ones to come) are being used to enslave you and your family.

More importantly, you need to know how to FIGHT BACK.

  • Shocking evidence around the true source of the 2020 pandemic… and whether or not it was released on purpose. (every American needs to see this) (pg. 19)
  • The infuriating way China exploited the pandemic to boost its own economy, while the rest of the world’s economies fell to ruin! And how you can escape their sabotage. (pg. 24)
  • Why the CDC intentionally confused Americans on issues like mask effectiveness and virus severity at the beginning of the pandemic. (pg. 42)
  • How the Global Elite plan to use “vaccine passports” and “forever mandates” to permanently keep you under their boot heels… and what you can do to FIGHT BACK. (pg. 47)
  • Why a second deadly pandemic is on the way, and the reason it will be 10x worse… and the most effective way to not get infected! (pg. 54)

And my new book is the best resource I know of for helping you do that.

That said, the easiest way to get a copy of my book into your hands, especially given the strange times we’re in… is to simply give it to you.

All I ask is you cover the small cost of my website hosting so I can deliver it to you in digital format today.

Your book will arrive immediately after you click the green button on this page and fill out your info…

And I’d expect you’ll want to share it with everyone you know.

If I were you, I’d print it out and leave it on the coffee table or your nightstand, so you always have access to the critical info inside.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore my offer to give you this book for Free.

If you wait till the next pandemic strikes, the time to use this info will be over and you will worse off then than you are today!

Not to mention discrimination against people like me from Big Tech means this site could be shut down and I may not be able to give this to you Free here in the future!Yes, Please Give Me a FREE Copy Of “Pandemic Sucker Punch”!

When You Get Your Complimentary Copy Of “Pandemic Sucker Punch” 
I’ll Also Give You These FREE Bonuses

When you grab your Free copy of “Pandemic Sucker Punch” today, I’m also going to include two in-depth training manuals that show you how to treat major medical issues — as well as how to survive off the land just like our ancestors did.

You’ll get my 91-page ebook “The Modern Medicine Man” as well as my 250-page ebook “Pioneer Preparedness” — totally FREE with your complimentary copy of “Pandemic Sucker Punch.”

These essential reads won’t just help you survive for years during and after a crisis…

You can start using much of the material inside to start saving money and improving your quality of life today. 

These books will show you:

  • How to make your own penicillin from old food.
  • The incredible way to amass large stockpiles of name-brand and generic drugs.
  • The “medicineless” way to help someone survive a heart attack.
  • The correct way to set broken bones. (Setting them in the wrong way could actually kill the person you’re trying to treat.)
  • Native American secrets for making your home invincible to natural disaster.
  • The top 50 items you FORGOT to put in your bug out bag… (I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s aware of 90% of these “Must Have Items”… but you’ll have every last one of them now.)
  • Ancient ways to make an energizing anti-cancer superfood.
  • What pioneers did to stop themselves from going insane during famine.

Along with hundreds of other additional tips and tricks that’ll help you keep yourself, your family, and your community alive…

These books retail for $76.

But I’ll send you access to the entire series for nothing when you claim your FREE copy of “Pandemic Sucker Punch.”

You’ll also get complete access to our email support system so you can get help when needed.

If all this sounds fair, then don’t wait another second.

This Is A Limited Offer

If This Website Gets “Reported” And Shut Down You Won’t Be Able To Claim Your Free Books Any Longer.Yes, Please Give Me a FREE Copy Of “Pandemic Sucker Punch”!

“Damian, as a first responder I thought I was doing ok with being prepared. However, when I started reading your book I was pleasantly surprised at what I was reading and found out I wasn’t as prepared as I thought.

I like how the book was broken up and how each topic was underlined so you can see where the topics began.

I also liked that there were ideas of what types of classes to look for when it comes to first aid. Being a first responder I have the training, I just didn’t know how to break it down to help my family become prepared. Without sharing the book I can make notes to help them look for first aid classes.

Damian, you’ve put things into perspective and how one who thinks they are prepared there is always something more you can do. We only have one life. And I’m now prepared to live mine without fear!” ~CP 

“Damian, I enjoyed your book because it helped me think and plan. Others should read this book! ” ~MJ 

“Your book is an excellent book, easy to read, easy to follow. It covers an extremely wide range of topics, providing input on many scenarios a person might experience should we be faced with issues such as the ones discussed in the book. 

Excellent reading!!!!”


“Your book was beautifully written book that every adult smart enough to know better will enjoy from cover to cover. I personally believe every individual that has a brain and knows it’s important to be prepared should get on the stick and order this wonderful book!

It contains the information that all of us patriots know as gospel! Hence, get off the couch and get this book immediately! Do not “pass Go, do not collect your $200.00” Just get moving. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!! ”



Yes, Please Give Me a FREE Copy Of “Pandemic Sucker Punch”!

WARNING – When the Next Pandemic Strikes, 
Your Chance to Use This Info Will Be GONE!

As you’ve seen here today…

Not only is another pandemic virtually guaranteed (just as I predicted the first one)…

But the evidence shows that the Global Elite will likely release it upon us very soon.

They want to “strike while the iron’s hot” from the first pandemic — and while people are still afraid and willing to follow their orders.

That’s why you must start preparing NOW!

The next pandemic will emerge rapidly and without warning…

It will go from grumblings of a “new strain” to total lockdowns and utter chaos in a matter of weeks… just like the first one.

And if you wait for that time to take this seriously, the simple truth is that it will be TOO LATE!

So if you want to survive and thrive as the next virus devours millions of lives… stripping them of the breath in their lungs and leaving nothing but withered corpses behind…

While helping break the iron grip of the Global Elite…

Then you must grab a copy of this book to help save your life and the lives of those you’ve fought so dearly to protect for years.

Don’t wait a second longer.

Get your FREE copy now!Yes, Please Give Me a FREE Copy Of “Pandemic Sucker Punch”!

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