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The New China Virus

Hi to my European readers and German countrymen as well as people in the US and elsewhere!

After watching the deplorable news featuring our (NOT) President, Joe Biden, we, in America are embarrassed with our representation; NOT the left of course, the Democrats mouth piece the media. They find something positiv in everything this demented poor old man displays every time he is on a ‘journey’ ! A European news outlet wrote: “Joe Biden should be in a nursing home with a warm bowl of soup.”

Here are the flops:

Joe Biden is asleep during the meetings! Joe Biden had a toilet accident, in fact he just pooped in his pants. When you are nearly 80 that is a possibility, if the toilets are not close by.

Of course, the visit at the Pope’s, the socialist from Argentina, is another joke. I refrain from more comments.

However, something to point out: The Climate Change Hypocrisy is truly abominable.

Here some facts: The ‘Envoys’ from the various countries arrived in a total of 400 air planes; Joe Biden’s visit to the Pope’s residence included 85 big cars!


I did not see this poor abused Asperger sick child, Thunberg, who has been lecturing the world about our Climate!

Was she missing?

In my not so humble opinion of 80 years of life on this earth, in different part of the world, I conclude at this time in my life: The world is upside down !!!

And then there is China, the creator of our now lifelong viruses; the deadly Corona Virus, which also caught up with me last year. I recovered and am happy to report that my immunity has been good already for more than a year. So I trust scientists like Scott Atlas, Robert Malone and Marty Marakay, who predicted that one’s own immunity after the recovery of covid may be a lifelong. And I vehemently oppose the voices of our CDC or any other such entity, that only vaccination is the thing to go. Naturally, I find mandates for vaccines like something that Adolf Hitler would have implemented. Joe Biden would probably be happy to visit Hitlers young blond women, who were rounded up to be impregnated by Arian men to fulfill his wish of the German Arian Race!

In my opinion, the only folks, who come financially out ahead of the pandemic, are the pharmaceutical industries, who will now have another seasonal vaccine beside the flu vaccine, and that is for the Chinese ongoing viruses.

I cannot get away from the question: Why is the world so quiet about what China did to the world. 5 million Americans alone died from it. Why are we not coming together and descend on China, militarily, financially and whichever way? Why are we continuing buying goods from China?

We will have a shortage of goods very soon, because Chinese container ships sit in the port of Los Angeles, waiting to be unloaded. We don’t have enough trucks to get the goods out to the people. Our famous Florida governor, Ron DeSantis is offering remedy. Florida’s ports are open!!!

Meantime, the shelves in our grocery stores are getting empty. Toilet paper has been already rationed (America lost it during the first experience with covid19 in 2020 because there was no toilet paper) and Christmas may be a sad affair when it comes to presents for the kids and family

And so it goes……

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