Today, the Senate Rules Committee will hold a markup meeting for S.1, the Corrupt Politicians Act, starting at 10 am ET. Currently, the Democrats have included provisions in the bill that will:Allow child molesters and murderers to voteTake away voter IDFederalize our elections lawsRemove the FEC’s bipartisan oversightSpend public money on politician’s campaignsAnd so much moreRemember to follow along today with Heritage Action on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.Corrupt politicians vote for corrupt policies. Join in the conversation today by using the hashtag #CorruptPoliticiansAct on whatever social media platform you use.
Sample Tweets / Posts to use:
Today, @SenSchumer is holding a committee meeting for S.1., his bill to federalize our elections. I’m standing by to see if he removes the provision that allows murderers and child molesters to vote. #CorruptPoliticiansActCorrupt politicians support corrupt policies. What else would you call giving one party majority-control of the Federal Elections Commission? With S.1., @SenSchumer, will weaponize the FEC for his party’s benefit by removing its bipartisan oversight. #CorruptPoliticiansActToday, @SenFeinstein @SenSchumer @MarkWarner @SenatorLeahy@SenAngusKing @SenJeffMerkley @SenAlexPadilla and @ossoff are going to vote to allow taxpayer money to flow to their re-election campaigns. #CorruptPoliticiansActThank you! 
Janae Stracke 
Grassroots Director 
Heritage Action

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