Hooking Americans on Fentanyl is China’s Geopolitical Strategy

We cannot properly address the threat of China unless we first give them due credit. The CCP is brilliant. They know that they cannot win a direct confrontation with the United States. That doesn’t just apply to a war (every country in the world knows they cannot defeat the U.S. military). China also knows that they can’t win a direct economic confrontation with the U.S. either.

Let’s not forget that China let the coronavirus out into the world because they had just lost the trade war with President Trump. They saw it as a means to bring down every economy and keep China’s place in the world relatively stable as a result.

What’s in some ways scarier is how China has found ways to score victories on American soil. Tick Tock is the biggest social media app in the country right now. It is owned by the CCP, and there is overt proof that the communists use the app to spy on Americans and to try to subvert our culture and our elections. They’re very good at this.

The deadliest assault from China doesn’t come in any of these forms, though. It comes from the drug trade. Virtually all illegal fentanyl in the world is manufactured in China. The CCP understands the harm that they are doing by participating in black markets. That’s precisely the goal.

By getting Americans hooked on fentanyl, China is undermining the country. It’s all part of a grand strategy. China, more than any other country in the world, wants to bring down the United States, and they have found creative and devastating ways to pursue those goals. This video will explain exactly how China’s drug trade will influence U.S. elections. It is a frighteningly effective strategy.

26 thoughts on “Hooking Americans on Fentanyl is China’s Geopolitical Strategy”

  1. Harounsays:There are no more Americans in America. The true Americans are gone. The only ones left are the enemies within. They don’t care whether America goes down or not. They have surrender America to their foes and show no remorse. All of these members of representatives and senators never put on the uniform and in a battle front defend this country. So they don’t care. Trust me they will pay the price.REPLY
    1. Truthscalersays:speak for yourself .Our people have been able to band together under the adversities of a Democrat Governor in Republican suits ,Idaho leads the Constitutional awareness in this nation Our reps were ferrited out by the people not by the RNC.REPLY
    2. Lilliansays:Their time will come! Because God has a plan that will turn this world upside down and inside out so to speak. I pray every day for people all over the world, that they’ll understand what will happen next! But doubt it’s not going to change for the better. If a person needs for food, clothing, place to put his/her head down if only for a few minutes let them. You may never know if it’s a test from God? Just be kind to yourself and others. As these people will see , one day their time will come and money will not get any of them into Heaven. We the American people are using this planet for only a little while, while God makes and prepares for the second seal to open.REPLY
      1. George Vollmannsays:If you are DOING in addition to PRAYING then your words are useful to others. Make it clear you recognize the difference and emphasize the need for prayerful actions. It is sinful to claim prayer is sufficient if one is not limited by bona fide physical and/or cognitive disabilities.REPLY
        1. SJsays:Thank you! So true. Has anyone ever heard of that religious group that simply prayed for everything including peace? Nope! No one has! Because they were annihilated by their evil enemies!REPLY
          1. Curtissays:You no nothing about true christain religan .it always specks of peace and hope and change your Evel ways . It never condems others like you think it does . It teaches you to love all and to help others to see the light of your sins and change . Not the hate you spew against chritains that is lies
    3. Stevesays:speak for yourself.REPLY
    4. Carolyn Hopsonsays:There are still many Americans (true Americans). They just keep their mouths shut to avoid the bullying. Come voting time again they will be happy to see Trump in office if he wants the Office again. I certainly will be happy to see him as president again.REPLY
  2. Donsays:DRUG WAR,
  3. Dennissays:Why the hell are we selling China land? They are buying our bisnesses, Hotels, to get a foot in america…Now they have both feet in, and hands too! Better learn how to speak Chineese….Your gonna need it, if u servive.REPLY
    1. Lilliansays:That will never happen ever in this life time, because of God’s plan for the country. Believe me when I say this, because you need to read chapter 17 and 18 of the book of Revelation to understand what I’m talking about.REPLY
      1. Jamessays:You are so right and enlightened Lillian Revelations has the answers to this and people are not aware of the consequences of their actions and the way they think and believe, They are also very ignorant to the reality of their actions,REPLY
      2. Harrysays:Lillian……The Chinese Leaders never read the book! The book does NOT APPLY in China.America needs to invoke “Common Sense” in America.
        (Smart Americans already know this)REPLY
    2. Carol A Bellsays:You are so right Dennis. They have even bought up oil/gas reserves in Canada. Can’t believe the Canadiens would sell to them. This gives China so much power. Of course, keeping the folks hooked on drugs and toys so they won’t notice or care what the Chinese are doing.
      Good luck to all of us who do care.REPLY
    3. Willsays:Why sell our land to China? Could it be….GREED?REPLY
  4. Bob Borgstromsays:This tactic was used in Viet Nam also. So the Chinese aren’t starting something new. BUT it is being done on our own soil!!!
    How can this country allow this land/ business purchases by a foreign country-especially one like China, a sworn enemy!REPLY
  5. Zepher Zippingsays:Arizona and Texas get it together and have a judgement call against Bidens wall stoppage . Texas your under attack , protect your citizens from illegal immigration , and submit that the pipeline is needed to the average american to survive the gas and diesel price surge’s that will contribute to housing loss food price increases this hurts all Americans everywhere . Except the overpaid government officials .REPLY
  6. Dennis Sumnersays:Drugs and shiny little electronic doodads! Gonna take over without firing a shot. As long as dems are standing there with their hands out!!REPLY
  7. debrasays:You’ve All Forgotten the Worst Of the Chinese Assaults & that Is OWNING Our Current Usurper, Instilled PUPPET, Who’s Been PLACED In That Position After the Chinese Gave Them the Gift of a Virus that Did Come from THEIR Country…As far as the Drug War, Just as Their Unfair TRADE Deals, Had Been Stopped By The Best President We’ve Ever Had, So Too was Their Drug Smuggling & Trafficking Also Squelched & Under Some CONTROL By Again, The BEST President We’ve Ever Had..Now, Mike Lindells “Absolute Proof” Absolutely Shows HOW, When & Where, CHINA Interfered IN OUR Elections. Coupled With The Current PLANT in OUR WH, Now, China Will RECLAIM Their Dominance Over those Drug Smuggling & Trafficking $$$$$’s As Well As The TRADE Imbalances They’ve Hit us With For Decades, But NOT Under, YUPREPLY
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