Social Credit Systems are HERE: Glenn Back Warns Trump Supporters Watch What You Say Online

Blaze TV’s Glenn Beck says the social credit system he has warned about for years may finally be a reality. He notes an IMF paper that is now out suggesting non-financial data, like a persons social media posts, should be used when financial institutions determine a customer’s credit worthiness for loans.

This means what a person posts on Facebook, Twitter, or other online outlets could be used to determine a person’s ability to borrow money. How would that work? Do Trump supporters get a higher interest rate or face rejection? Will this include searching your browser history to discover what you watch on YouTube or the devices you use?

We are already in a world where former President Donald Trump had his social media shut down, as well as a Shopify website for his campaign, while he was still serving as president. If that is how the president is treated, what’s next? Will anyone who is part of a patriotic group online become the next target of cancel culture or no longer be able to take out a mortgage? Will anyone who questions election results be kept from a car loan? Are they trying to outlaw being a Republican?

Top US Doctor: Sugar is not the problem (This Is)

Top US Doctor: Sugar is not the problem (This Is)

What was once unthinkable is now nearing reality as part of the new political environment in Washington. These new powers are looking to attack anyone with views they disapprove of as American-loving citizens face unprecedented fights against their freedoms.

Check out The Blaze’s Glenn Beck’s full comments on just how bad things can get for Trump supporters, Republicans or anyone who doesn’t think exactly like the far left, “woke” crowd if we don’t stop this policy from being  instituted.

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