Famed Economist Warns Economic and Revolutionary Crash Coming This Year

Economist Harry Dent has successfully predicted a number of our recent bubble breaks, economic crashes and other fed-induced catastrophes. Dent is now predicting that the world is on the verge of a bit of a double-whammy: An economic crash as well as a revolutionary upheaval.

Congress definitely knows an economic crash is coming. The next COVID stimulus bill is being held up because too many of the older Senate Democrats are unwilling to spend an extra trillion dollars on stimulus checks for illegal aliens. Read that sentence again.

A bunch of Democrats in the US Senate (eight at last count) have joined with Republicans in imposing more massive debt in the form of COVID checks for illegals. They won’t say it out loud, but they understand that the debt bubble is on the verge of becoming unsustainable, and they obviously aren’t all that confident that Janet Yellin is going to be able to pull a rabbit out of her hat.

Military-grade gun laser at a Walmart Price

Military-grade gun laser at a Walmart Price

The other point that Dent is making is that the entire world also goes through a roughly 250-year revolutionary cycle, in addition to shorter economic cycles. The Protestant Revolution in Europe was approximately 500 years ago, and it’s been just about 250 years since the American Revolution in 1776. What’s going to happen during the world’s next potential revolutionary phase?

More importantly, what happens when an economic crash and a revolution happen at the same time?

Check out Dent’s fascinating discussion on his theories with Glenn Beck in this video…

7 thoughts on “Famed Economist Warns Economic and Revolutionary Crash Coming This Year”

  1. CARLsays:The “Sign of Signs” was the make-believe election of Biden. That was one of the last pieces to be put in place for the upheaval to begin. The “rush” to get so many Executive Orders in motion is another subsequent sign. And the “cover” that COVID-19 provides is being used to perpetrate another of the signs: Ensuring that as many Americans as is possible are “poked with the needle.”
    If anyone cannot begin to put the many emerging dots together, they simply are not trying. The picture is clear. As will be the “revolutionary” blowback.REPLY
  2. Barbara Smithsays:I absolutely believe every word said here is our future. This gov’t and many on the right are NOT for the people but go along for their own benefit.
    BE WARNED: GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL! Ignore that statement to your own peril!REPLY
  3. Frances Thomassays:Joe Biden is going to destroy our countryREPLY
    1. markypolosays:Obama began the destruction. Biden will complete it.REPLY
    2. Robert Headsays:i agree.every eo is a negative one.the demoncrats are heading us to socialism or communism.biden is just a puppet who can write his nameREPLY
  4. Dorothy Colesays:God is still in control. We must continue to pray for Gods help and blessing’s.REPLY
  5. Edwin A. Mercadosays:Yes, God is in control and we His people the Church, those who are washed with the Blood of the Lamb, are His instruments on Earth. Prayer must continue several times daily, in and out of time, all the time. We His people, born again Christians must study the Word of God and share it with others every day. Be diligent and vigilant, for the return of our Lord Jesus the Christ draws near. He is coming soon! Be ready! For in a blink of an eye those washed with the Blood shall be Raptured, the true believers, will be gone when Jesus, the Son of God, whe He returns for us.REPLY
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