Newspaper ZEIT Sends Reputation Death Eaters After Columnist Don Alphonso

Antonia Baum of ZEIT wrote a cozy little hit-piece on conservative blogger and columnist Don Alphonso. Her focus was the perpetual mob-rage conservatives can stir up on places like Twitter and Facebook against unsuspecting, pure and innocent left-wingers. She is so afraid of the unleashed baying crowd that she avoids Don Alphonso’s pen name throughout the entire article and uses his actual name instead. With a little luck she will be able to redirect the potentially murderous one night towards him just in case the full moon rouses them to seek her.

Fair enough. Alphonso can be mean, very mean, yes, even funny. He is basically the German answer to Katie Hopkins. So maybe Baum should be afraid? Don’t you think? The suit and tie corner of the political spectrum is one big scare.

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Poland Set To Outlaw Arbitrary Social Media Bans and Post Removals

Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro is working on a draft law that might create an anti-censorship regime for social media platforms operating in Poland. Failing to reinstate legal posts despite formal judicial review could carry hefty fines between 50,000 and 50 million Zloty (currently around $13,300 and $13.3 million).

After the platform does not respond positively to the users complaint, he can digitally file a ‘court petition’ which leads to a legal review of his post. If the judge upholds the legality of the post and the platform does not react, the case will go to a newly created ‘free speech council’ that has the power to mete out the penalties.

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Secret Service Verfassungsschutz Set To Intensify Observation of The AfD

The secret service Verfassungsschutz is a thought-crime-oriented intelligence agency which officially fights extremist thinking. It currently monitors the conservative party AfD as a “Prüffall”; that means based on publicly available information. It is expected that the party will be classified as a ‘Verdachtsfall’ in the coming week, which means that Verfassungsschutz can use secret spies and false identities to obtain information. It makes it also easier to get a warrant from a court to tap their post or telecommunication.

The party’s youth organisation ‘Junge Alternative’ is already a ‘Verdachtsfall.’ The patriotism caucus “Flügel” is even classified as a “Beobachtungsfall.” That means that warrants for intrusive measures are easier to obtain. At the end of this classification ladder a party can be banned as ‘hostile to the constitution.’ But that would require the consent of the Supreme Court and it is very unlikely to be the fate of the AfD anytime soon.

One criteria for such a ban based on ‘hostility against the constitution’ is ‘activities against the idea of an understanding between peoples’ (Art 9 GG (2)). In theory this means that a group or party can be banned if it objects to any foreign ideology and thus destroys the constitution-mandated Kumbaya. Even though a legal ban of the AfD is highly unlikely, an intensified monitoring creates propaganda fodder for people who see the AfD as hostile to the constitution because of their dislike of jihad. Benjamin GoldsteinPosted on Categories GermanyTags abuseAfDBeobachtungsfallConstitutiondangerdemocracyextremismFlügelgolden ruleintelligence agencyJunge AlternativeKantMADoppositionpowerPrüffallradicalismrisksecret serviceStürzenbergerVerdachtsfallverfassungsfeindlichVerfassungsschutz2 Commentson Secret Service Verfassungsschutz Set To Intensify Observation of The AfD

A Loss of Trust And Cohesion – The Disintegration of The West

Ousted social media platform Parler is fighting to get back on track again. California and New York are bleeding out. TVs are turned off in no time. We can no longer share the same space, neither physical nor digital, neither analogue nor vagina monologue. Our societies are falling apart.
At the heart of our shocked disbelief sits the loss of trust. Shall we trust the liars or the BSers? Shall we pay attention to those who lie knowingly or to those who don’t even care about the reality at all? Is it cloudy when a liar spoke of a sunny day? We are bumbling through the mist, bumping into one another in constant collisions and conflicts. After years of discrediting one another we are here. And here isn’t even a location in the mist.

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Deutsche Bank Ends Business Relationship With Donald Trump

The Deutsche Bank has now also cut its business ties with The Trump Organization. The left works itself up into a perpetual hissy fit, pushing off ‘Parler’ and any other group or business mildly associated with the US President. Mass hysteria is always a very dangerous game. Yet Nancy Pelosi and others seem to be very willing to play it. Benjamin GoldsteinPosted on Categories GermanyTags businesscalmcalm downcreditsDeutsche Bankhysterialittle manloanmass crazemobpoliticsreasonableriottrivialisationtrivializationwhataboutismworkers8 Commentson Deutsche Bank Ends Business Relationship With Donald Trump

A New Women Quota For Germany

Germany will soon have a law which demands that executive boards must include women. Time has moved fast. What would have been an innocuous or irrelevant piece of legislation a decade ago tastes very badly with this entire culture war backdrop in 2021. There are already women quotas for the dubious supervisory boards and it looks like only a matter of time until we are in an affirmative-action jungle where everything is rewarded but merit.

little correction: I said 1 in 3 board members. Yet it’s 1 if a board is larger than 3. The mistake is immaterial for the overall discussion.

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The Mafia in Germany

On the 26th December a shooting in the Berlin borough of Kreuzberg wounded four men. All of them had been victims and perpetrators at the same time. They were allegedly mafia clan members, settling gambling disputes.

Organised crime isn’t exactly a novel phenomena. Only a few weeks ago we saw another spectacular clash between a chechenyan group and an Arab gang. And heated brawls or shootings are not the only trademark of the newcomers. Their trades are gambling, prostitution, drugs, burglary, human trafficking and racketeering. Up and comers are the Arabs, most notably of the Mhallami tribe, but also the Chechens who develop a stronghold in France as well. Additionally we’ve still got our Balkan burglars, the Polish car theft cartels, the Russians, the Italians and so on.

These traditional ‘mafia’ milieus are usually cut out of an extended family, with a patron on the helm. Their behaviour is largely copied by rocker bands, which conceptually form new, composite tribes such as (allegedly) the Hells Angels, the Banderos, the Bandidos and so on. Whether or not a mafia is bound by blood or by codes, they’ve usually got an internal rules system, a code of honour. They also happen to clash with one another and with the states in which they operate.

Nascent ties are formed with the elites. At the moment the most visible anchor is the protection racket the Arab clans have built around the entire commercial hip hop music industry in the country.

There are three lessons to be learnt. 1) They have absolutely no reason whatsoever to change their ways. 2) They operate and follow the logic of tribal cultures which are the only alternative to nation states. 3) They live fast and furious, have a lot of children and take what they get (r-strategy). Benjamin GoldsteinPosted on Categories GermanyTags Big Maple LeafBodeBushidoclanscriminalitygangsgangstagangsterGoldene KartoffelGrünes GewölbeGreen Vaulthip hopKaDeWeLebanonmafiaMardinMarienfeldeMhallaminationnationalismNeue Deutsche Medienmacherpatronr-strategyracial profilingSparkasseTribalismtribeLeave a commenton The Mafia in Germany

EU Court of Justice Criminalises Hungarian Asylum Policy

The EU Court of Justice has delivered another blow to Hungary last weekend. According to the judges, the already dismantled Hungarian transit zones constituted a “detention,” despite its opening towards the perfectly save Serbia where the immigrants came from. Hungary is castigated for not being helpful enough to perfect strangers in their ambition to start masses of expensive and exhaustive legal processes. EU law demands the individualisation of asylum politics and remains an obstacle to bulk solutions. But while the careless elites and advocates have lost themselves in their legalese, they can still not answer the question: Why should people who have travelled to their border be more privileged or more needing than the millions of people in Africa, Asia and Latin America? And when are they too many? Benjamin GoldsteinPosted on Categories EuropeTags asylumborderC-808/18campsCourt of JusticeEUHungaryimmigrationjudgementlawlegalOrbanpress releaseSerbiatransit zonestreatiesverdict5 Commentson EU Court of Justice Criminalises Hungarian Asylum Policy

EU Fights “Hate Speech” With Upcoming “Digital Services Act”

The EU is working on a new ledger of legislation to combat “hate speech.” By the end of this week they are expected to present a “Digital Services Act” that is posing potential penalties for non-compliance of something between 6-10% of a company’s turnover. This should concern all of us, no matter where we live, because the clout of the EU market will shape the behaviour of Big Tech everywhere. Additionally, President of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen is starting a “Transatlantic AI Agreement,” hoping to reign in the dark magic of AI-driven search results and recommendation systems. Artificial Intelligence is the part of the already highly manipulated algorithms that will always remain a black box for purely technological reasons. The mere idea that there is a something that the EU cannot control is driving the Eurocrats absolutely BONKERS. Ursula von der Leyen has repeatedly stated that she wants Artificial Intelligence and the removal of black boxes from algorithms at the same time. She lacks the knowledge und the humbleness to listen to qualified people to deal with the technological issues she tries to mess with. Hoping that you spread my content as far as possible on as many platforms as possible, I will only say, and say it loud and proud, that this has nothing to do with her gender or Islam. Benjamin GoldsteinPosted on Categories GermanyTags AIartificial intelligenceBig TechCaliforniaCommissionDeutsch WelleDigital Services ActdisinformationEUFacebookGooglehate speechheadquatersinfantilisationinfantilizationMargarete Vestagerneuronal netsregulationTwitteruser agreementsYoutubeLeave a commenton EU Fights “Hate Speech” With Upcoming “Digital Services Act”

Merkel’s 89-Points Catalog Against The Far-Right (Episode 4)

Merkel has announced her 89 policies against the right. In this last episode I translate and explain the policies of the ministry of education and a slew of sinecure commissioners.

This is another load of projects and studies that claim to illuminate and combat racism. We have a commissioner for media and culture that is set to sedate the Jews with additional funding for some culture and arts activities. He will also supervise the expansion of a “diversity strategy.” He will also “strengthen media competence” and fight “hate on the web.” A Commissioner for Refugees, Migration and Integration(!) will research the “victim experience.” He will actively communicate (verbatim: “advertise”) the pathways to naturalisation (citizenship). And so on… The remaining points and commissioners are explained in the video. Benjamin GoldsteinPosted on Categories GermanyTags colonialismcultureDDRdiversityempowermentfar-rightGDRGermanyhate speechlocal governmentMediaMerkelmuseumresearchvictimVietnamesewhite supremacyLeave a commenton Merkel’s 89-Points Catalog Against The Far-Right (Episode 4)

Merkel’s 89-Points Catalog Against The Far-Right (Episode 3)

Merkel has announced her 89 policies against the right. In this episode I walk you through the tasks for the Family Ministry.

A “Family Ministry” does not only sound obnoxious and totally Orwellian, it is. So there will be a lot of youth projects to streamline the thoughts and behaviors of the impressionable young. More tax-payer money will be handed over to the migrant lobby groups. The funds of the state-run ‘German Center for Integration and Migration Research’ DeZIM will be increased. The youth protection will be less concerned with sexual content and, instead, will laser focus on banning “hate.” We will also see surveys solicited by the government which assess the satisfaction with the newly defined “democracy” Merkel has established. They are destined to end like the “international happiness studies” that are usually topped by the most autocratic regimes.

The video about the NGO-financing and the flush fund “Demokratie leben!”. Benjamin GoldsteinPosted on Categories GermanyTags civil societyDemokratie lebenDeZIMexchange programFamily Ministryfar-rightflush fundGermanyIsraelMerkelpoliceschoolsstudiessurveyswhite supremacyZivilgesellschaftLeave a commenton Merkel’s 89-Points Catalog Against The Far-Right (Episode 3)

Merkel’s 89-Points Catalog Against The Far-Right (Episode 2)

Angela Merkel has cobbled together a long list of policies to fight the “far-right”. Of course, this is not about the handful of neo-Nazis who are drunk by lunchtime. Nobody in his right mind cares about them.

The new German fanaticism will be flushed through various ministries. In this episode I will run you through the items that belong to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection, the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Defence. Merkel’s goons don’t even shy away from lecturing others about colonialism, which was a fairly mixed period of time with positive and negative aspects.

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