Stanford’s Dr. Jay Bhattacharya: Lockdowns Haven’t ‘Contributed In Any Meaningful Way’ To California’s COVID-19 Death Toll

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya blasts California lockdowns (Fox News screengrab)

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1 thought on “Stanford’s Dr. Jay Bhattacharya: Lockdowns Haven’t ‘Contributed In Any Meaningful Way’ To California’s COVID-19 Death Toll

  1. In early 2020, I watched two different interviews on my German television program “Die Tagesschau”, an ARD program. The Interviewed was an epidemiologist from the renown university clinique Aachen (my home area). He already was questioning the world’s idea of closing down our cities thus closing down the world’s economy. “We live with bacteria and viruses and our immune system is made to battle these invaders in our bodies.” I believe I posted this on my blog earlier. Then later on, the same program featured a Thai/German virologist who pretty much second the opinion of his colleague. One must have thought that there is more to governments’ wishes to close down entire cities’ businesses, schools etc. What was also pointed out in these interviews is, that most likely the lockdowns, meaning people not being allowed to interact with one another, would create a much bigger health problem, depression followed by suicides due to loneliness and lack of jobs and means of livelihood. Lately, Dr. Scott Atlas, an American epidemiologist has confirmed again the same theory and even the CDC, who was no helpful player here in America with constant confusing information on the covid19, with his “chief” medical doctor Fauci, is now reversing some of their earlier prognosis and opinion on shut-downs. What is disturbing is a piece of news that has reached news outlets is that supposedly 96 % of reported covid19 deaths were actually not caused by the virus. An unbelievable omission. It appears that American hospitals were ordered to treat every death as cause of covid19. The remuneration to the hospitals was to be much higher!!!!

    This leaves me and many of our friends question the motive of governments. In the case of the US, which was and is also in an election year, one could not but think that politics had a great deal to do with it. And this has finally become reality.
    The Democrat Party rejected Donald Trump from the day he came down the elevator in his Trump Hotel, NYC. He was not a politician, he was a successful business man and real estate developer. How dared he joining the ‘ ELITE’ , THE THINKERS, THE INTELLECTUALS? The powerful super wealthy Clintons, who got their money through many not so “kosher ” means, could not believe how Hillary could lose to somebody like Trump. Since, a 4 year relentless attack against the president started and revealed incredible animosity and treason, unfounded accusations (The Russian Collusion, the Ukraine Quit Quo Pro and an impeachment for (?) all of which did result in Nothing!

    So the ultimate attempt to make Trump look bad in this years’ election was to be the last straw to be tried by the Democrats. So their own main-stream media in America did a fantastic job in either attacking Trump with false, fake or half-true headlines or left out news that amounted to something for instance Trump’s peace deal in the Middle East with Israel. Yet Trump continued achieving more than any other president in recent times, because he is a working alcoholic, he is a very smart dealer in any type of business; his stamina is enormous at his age of 73 and he aroused 10th of thousands of Americans at his rallies. He ran America as a Business, which it is. That is something that no president has mastered as Trump.
    Why is that? Because the entire Washington political scene consists of lawyers, government employees, bureaucrats and community organizers like Obama once was. Most of them have never held a normal job much less run a business. They transferred from the learning institutes, Colleges and universities or from lower government jobs to elected positions. Joe Biden has been in Washington for 47 years. What has he got to show for? Nothing, Well, a lot of money as all politicians from lobbyists, foreign countries, who pay to get into the Washington political scene and gifts from ordinary wealthy people who are looking for favors or have certain agendas. Nancy Pelosi, the most powerful in America, third in line for the presidency as Speaker of the House, at almost 80 is destroyer of the country. I shudder to think that this woman could run the United States of America. The story goes on and on and there is so much dirt to uncover, it would take years. The American people have lost trust in the country’s FBI, the Department of Justice and under Trump it appeared as though all federal judges in America, mostly put in by Obama, were against him and lately with the election fraud, also the Supreme Court.

    There is no question, the 2020 election is deplorable for a country like America, I am sure everybody understands that. So how could that happen? Through the Left, the Left’s media, the social media Trump haters with loads of money, a man named George Soros, who is behind every destructive movement of a free country, this is how! His creation of domestic terrorist groups like ‘Antifa’ and ‘BLM’, Black Lives matter is his latest success. But Soros is another big story by itself.

    The proof of election fraud is all around us, testified to, observed and hidden in the voting machines of mainly ‘Dominion’. 75 million Americans voted for Trump. Trump was ahead by a landslide, until the Democrat machinery stepped into action and encouraged the fraud in every city, in every country, in every state in America. Even a government agency, the US Postoffice or rather some of their postmasters encouraged its employees to fraudulent actions.

    If we don’t clean all of this up, the American people will have no faith in our election anymore or anything else government.
    Regardless of whether or not Trump will make another 4 years or Joe Biden gets into the White House, this election fraud MUST be sorted out or Americans will simply not vote anymore.

    So folks, watch out for January 6, 2021!


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