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Thank you for all your postings, which I am able to get to finally NOW. I apologize for not commenting or at least acknowledging your efforts for writing and share with other sites.

I was stricken with the Corona Virus in late June, was able to stay home and stick it out, but it was the hardest thing, the worst disease that I have experienced in my 80 years of life. I recovered I thought, in late August, but was not and, finally in October, I continued with the so-called ‘post viral syndrome’

It took some time to fight this virus and get back to normal, where I finally have come, which means, I am participating in the comments on social media (whatever is left: FB, Twitter blocked me some time ago), so I have resorted to a place called “”, where free speech is welcomed and encouraged. Limited postings can be found on Instagram, which of course, is controlled by Facebook.

After having lived in the US for 42 years, I am appalled about where this country has gone.

All I want to say: GEORGE SOROS, the apparently indestructible nation destroyer, the billionaire , who enriched himself by bringing the economies of countries down, purchased tons stocks at low prices, then poured the money back into undesirable political parties around the world in order to promote socialism/communism. I am sure, many of you know that Macedonia was the last victim or is Greece the victim.

That same Soros, who cannot be stopped, so it appears, a man, who has the most horrible inhuman background. A Jew , Hungarian national, reported his own people (the Jewish people) to the Hitler regime in WWII, who is banned from Hungary, is living happily with an American passport in this country. Nobody seems to be interested, not even our Republican faction of the political scene.

Right now, the world is watching our “election” or whatever somebody wants to call this!!! It is a sham, to put it mildly and, an embarrassment. Joe Biden will be a disaster to America; the 78 year old has serious mental problems. He wouldn’t know at times, whether he was running for president or the Senate; he thought his sister was his wife; he stumbles over sentences and made his campaign in the basement. His “rallies’ consisted of several circles with one person in it to the grand total of 20, whereas Donald Trump had sometimes 20,000 people show up at airports waiting through the night and hours on end to get a glimpse.

Wherever you stand (especially in Europe/Germany; your media is painting this man just like our Democrat surrogate Media as this horrible individual) Donald Trump has done more for this country in four years than any other president in US history. He is a dedicated worker for the good of the American people, while Joe Biden sat 47 years in Washington government doing absolutely nothing. And as we see know: The Democrats can only “win” by cheating. In case your media does not reflect our situation here: Numerous frauds are reported in ballot harvesting, voter suppression, changing constitutional laws to “counting ballots after the deadlines”. More than one ballot is found in many households and ballots were sent to dead people or those, who left the state, or their house animals etc.

In my view and, I would hope to find an echo here: This election needs to be called INVALID!

As the Left has interfered with Donald Trump’s government for 4 years with one attack after the other , impeachment and more – most accusations where what the Democrats should have been accused of: The Bidens’ excepting huge amounts of money from China and Ukraine and who knows from where else, would compromise our country extremely, should Biden win the election.

And there is NO DOUBT in my mind, if he is declared a winner, he will be an illegitimate president. Hopefully, our Supreme Court will decide for the American People and NOT for a political party.

I personally call this entire charade of the 4 years of a doing-nothing congress and an unprecedented election, plain unlawful. The world must just look in “awe” at America! N O T !

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