How Pronouns can Lend you in Prison

I had to share the following with my readers:

Governments that try to create a monolithic system always become totalitarian, and totalitarian governments either give up on their totalitarian schemes — or they become mass murdering tyrannies.

Why is this the case? Well, in societies that are non-democratic, societies that attempt to enforce a singular way of thinking, those who do not conform are always oppressed.

Just think of how oppressive societies naturally are to people who don’t conform to norms. Think about it. Try wearing a three-piece suit to a Guns N’ Roses concert, or try to collect tithes from bankers on Wall Street. You would get run out of either situation, and you would probably lose some Facebook friends.

Now imagine how much worse it would be if cultural norms were enforced at the point of a state-sanctioned gun. In many ways, they already are. Our goal as conservatives is to keep those state-sanctioned guns as far away from your life and business as possible.

But the left has no such sensibility. They believe that their political convictions are the final word on morality. They believe they have a monopoly on correct thinking, and they intend to enforce their ideas at the point of a gun.

The left has always been the home of totalizing ideologies. That’s what happened to Germany in the 1920s. The Nazis were national socialists.

So now, the American left wants to enforce its new ideas about gender pronouns — with force. This cannot go well.

Here’s PragerU with more.

~ Liberty Video News

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