I watched Deborah Lipstadt ‘interview” I think that is what it was on ARD Tagesschau in Germany. Listening to her talk, all I can gather from it, she is another Lefty of New York and an anti-Trump hack. I am personally insulted by her because of the typical assumption of our President. She, Lipstadt, maybe a ‘pro’ in holocaust events, however, looking her up on Wikipedia, she was born in 1947 in New York. So, all the horrific events under Hitler were not personally experienced. I am German, born in 1940. The war had been going on for 2 years already. I am not a Jew, I am a Christian by birth. Our family as so many others have greatly suffered from both wars #I and #II. I never knew my father, who because of the monster Hitler, who sent his 6th Army into Russia in the middle of winter, where he and many others most likely froze to death. I am not minimizing the holocaust. It is the worst part of German history. I do have a big problem with her repeating the LEFT in America and the useless LEFT MEDIA, who are actually the ones that always talk against Isreal, forgetting who they aggressors are in that part of the world. She basically calls the ‘Right’ or President Trump and consequently his followers ANTI-SEMITISTS. Dear Ms. Lipstadt, the anti-semitists are the Left in America, especially, when it comes to the Democratic Party to whom you most likely belong, and the news-distorting media in our country, the greatest divider in our country. I have lived here no for 40 years and America since the election of Donald Trump has demonstrated a hysteria that I have not seen in my almost 40 years here. Donald Trump is a friend of Israel, which YOU and many of the Eastcoast Jews are NOT. SHAME ON YOU TO EVEN UTTER THAT HE IS “POSSIBLY” AN ANTI-SEMITISTS. PLEASE, go after the Muslims, who have infiltrated by now our government and blame them, but shut up about DONALD TRUMP. BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA DIDN’T EVEN VISIT ISRAEL. HE IS A MUSLIM AND NOT A FRIEND OF JEWS. YOU ARE DEPLORABLE, MISS LIPSTADT.#FRANKFURTERALLGEMEINE,#ARD,#TAGESSCHAU,#uncoveringthetruththinktank

NOTE: I have tried numerous times to post her ‘talk’ and Facebook site and my comments, but am thrown out. I will try to post on this site what she, Lipstadt is saying.

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