Fed-Up Dem. Deserts Leadership, Lambastes Schumer for Treatment of Trump

Are Republicans and President Donald Trump poised to steal blue votes from Democrats in the 2018 and 2020 elections?

If you listen to the rhetoric being thrown around by the mainstream media, it sometimes seems that all of the left is united against the president. But there are hints of cracks in the liberal seams… and not every Democrat is thrilled about the party’s increasingly vocal attacks on Republicans.

One blue-dog Democrat who is fed up with the divisive vitriol is Dov Hikind, a veteran New York politician who has been in public service since 1983. He’s been around the block, and the outspoken moderate apparently has no problem calling out the modern left when he sees fit.

Hikind, who has decided to retire from the New York state assembly soon, posted a blistering rebuttal to Senator Chuck Schumer’s latest attack on Donald Trump. No longer worried about being re-elected in a Democrat area, the politician unleashed both barrels on the current liberal leadership.


“Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D, Brooklyn) said he recently received a mailer from fellow Democrat, Senator Charles Schumer asking for contributions,” Hikind’s office posted on his official Facebook page.

“The letter was riddled with attacks on the ‘hard right’ but omitted vital information. In an open letter to Schumer, Hikind filled in the blanks,” the post continued.

That post then quoted Hikind directly, and showed that New Yorkers are not nearly as anti-Trump as Schumer and other liberals want Americans to believe.

“Senator Schumer, in your letter you promise to fight for Democratic values and go on at great length to fully villainize the current administration, but you left out certain facts that my fellow Democrats, to say nothing of all Americans, should also be aware of,” the respected assemblyman declared.

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“You forgot to tell us about the economy. As good as it’s been, economists expect even more growth through the end of the year. That’s very good news, Senator.”

“You forgot to tell us about unemployment, which is lower than it has been in decades, while economic confidence is at a 17-year high. It’s also at a record low for minorities. That’s very good news, Senator,” Hikind continued.

Hikind, a practicing Jew and son of Holocaust survivors, then brought up another Trump win that Schumer conveniently failed to acknowledge.

“You forgot to tell us about the most remarkable relationship between the United States and our ally Israel ever. Or about moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, which you yourself applauded,” the assemblyman ranted.

After listing several other major accomplishments during the current administration, Hikind got down to his main point: While Democrats seem to be constantly whining and throwing tantrums, Republicans are actually getting things done for the American people.

“You ask for a contribution, but the Democratic Party — which I am a lifelong member of — is currently betraying the ideals that our party once stood for: American values,” he pointed out.

“Senator Schumer, as a fellow Democrat, I ask you to work to restore sanity and honesty to our party so I can feel good about supporting it fully,” he concluded. “Until then, I’m afraid the Republicans have my support.”

It isn’t the first time that Hikind has taken a moderately conservative stance on the issues. Last year, we reported that he was calling for an investigation into Linda Sarsour, a far-left Muslim feminist — no, we don’t understand it either — who was accused of doing nothing while one of her staff members was allegedly sexually assaulted.

The New York Democrat’s words may not be enough to declare that the tide is shifting even more toward Republicans and Trump, but it’s a sign that opposition to the president is not nearly as strong as the left and the media would have you believe.

After all, the same media predicted with smug confidence that Trump had a snowball’s chance in hell of being elected president, and was caught slack-jawed when he flipped traditionally blue states like Michigan and Wisconsin.

Only time will tell if the much-touted “blue wave” in November is real or imagined, but Hikind’s bold statement suggests that the Republican tent has people lining up to join. Sometimes, you can’t argue with results.

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