Social Media Has Drastically Changed the Face and Meaning of Friendship

How true, Martha! I am trying my best to put politics out of the equation when with my liberal friends, one of which I love dearly and have known for almost 40 years. I am determined NOT to jeopardize this friendship and others less important. However, it is a bloody shame that America has become this. That is not what I found, when I became a proud American citizen in 1984. As far as generations are concerned: They are spoiled beyond believe. They have gadgets to interact with friends and foes, they have totally lost this interpersonal relationships and they have become a M,ME,ME society, that will not be able to sustain any great problems or tragedies in life. Us, the older generation, I was born during WWII, my father was already drafted and tied in Russia when I was 2 years old. My support was my mother, who was working 60 hours a week plus doing all the domestic work, but she gave me great start regardless, trusted me always and I did not abuse the trust. I became a better person who learned VALUES.


I don’t believe the current generation  understands what friendship really means, partly because of their attachment to their phones, computers and gaming devices.  Part of the blame is squarely  on the shoulders of the culture they are living in. Part is also due to parenting, in my opinion. Instant gratification is an element  of the problem as well.  I think they have never felt what old fashion friendship feels like or how those friendships developed.  There is a big difference between an acquaintance and a friend.  I wish Facebook called their “friending process”  something else.  Their view of a “friend” is far different from mine.  How many have hundreds of “friends” but can’t remember anything about who they are or even why they accepted their request.People looking at phones

True friendships don’t happen over night.  An attraction can instantly be sparked, then the seed is planted for a possible friendship.  Trust is the…

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2 thoughts on “Social Media Has Drastically Changed the Face and Meaning of Friendship

  1. Thanks for the reblog. Part of problems in society seems to come from not learning to listen. Lazy thinkers are churned out if schools. Devices replace reading books and writing based on research and studing History. Having more than superficial relationships is is past history. No longer do universities and some other schools teach how to think but what to think. Parents need to keep devices away from kids for as long as possible. Computers and devices create a filter between reality.


    1. I could not agree more with you Martha!

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