In 1865, a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln,
President of the United States.

In 1881, a left wing radical Democrat shot
James Garfield, President of the United
States – who later died from the wound.

In 1963, a radical left wing socialist shot and killed John F. Kennedy,
President of the United States.

In 1975, a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at
Gerald Ford, President of the United States.

In 1983, a registered Democrat shot and wounded
Ronald Reagan, President of the United States.

In 1984, James Hubert, a disgruntled Democrat,shot and killed 22 people in a
McDonalds restaurant.

In 1986, Patrick Sherrill, adisgruntled Democrat, shot
and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.


In 1990, James Pough, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office.

In 1991, George Hennard, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 23 people in a
Luby’s cafeteria in Killeen , TX.

In 1995, James Daniel Simpson, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 5 coworkers in a Texas laboratory.

In 1999, Larry Asbrook, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 8 people at a church service.

In 2001, a Left wing radical Democrat fired shots at the White House in
a failed attempt to kill George W. Bush, President of the US.

In 2003, Douglas Williams, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people at a Lockheed Martin plant.

In 2007, a registered Democrat named Seung – Hui Cho, shot and killed 32 people in Virginia Tech.

In 2010, a mentally ill registered Democrat named Jared Lee Loughner, shot
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed 6 others.

In 2011, a registered Democrat named James Holmes, went into a movie theater and shot and killed 12 people.

In 2012, Andrew Engeldinger, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people in Minneapolis.

In 2013, a registered Democrat named Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26 people in a school in Newtown ,CT.

As recently as Sept 2013, an angry Democrat shot 12 at a Navy ship yard.

Clearly there is a problem with Democrats and Guns

Not one NRA member, Tea Party member,or Republican conservative was involved
in any of these shootings and murders.


It should be illegal for Democrats to own guns.

We don’t need gun control, we need Democrat control.

Guns don’t kill people, Democrats do!

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  1. Reblogged this on AHUELON NEWS JOURNAL and commented:
    It is clear to me that the people against the second amendment are not really interested in the victims who have been killed, or will be killed in the future. They are attacking the NRA and honest and concerned Americans instead of trying to fix the real problem. We are finding that some law enforcement officials dropped the ball since 2010 in the Cruz case, that the FBI was negligent in reporting a person’s concern over him last November, that four cowards refused to enter the school in FL during the shooting, and that medic personnel were not allowed to enter the school in a timely fashion. We see a Maryland Mayor spending money for kids to protest, when there is not enough funds to heat the schools. We see some media outlets fanning the fake narrative that guns are the problem by using pawns that are immature students, that lack the knowledge of current gun laws. The purpose of using these kids is to try and tug at America’s heart strings, instead of tackling real solutions. The NRA did not pull one trigger in any of the many deaths that have happened. Yet an NRA instructor chased and killed a shooter in a church shooting this year. I recently read a statement that holds true regarding the many murders in America. It was “The NRA does not sell arms, but Planned Parenthood does”. Rand Paul once said, “The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with good aim”. Every time there is a shooting we will see the left and others stirring the pot to destroy the second amendment. The more soft, no gun zones we have the more shootings will occur. Thank goodness gun ownership is rising and the NRA is gaining more members. We are all part of the problem or the solutions. I prefer to focus on a solutions.

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    2. On my timeline, Marta, is a photo of a lot of shoes in one big pile. Shoes the nazis had taken from Jews before gassing them. I commented: No words needed. The photo tells the story. Why do you think the schools are now teaching our kids that the holocaust ever happened? These kids have been ”protected” from learning anything that might ”upset” them, but I think a dose of reality might shake them awake! They SHOULD be shown pictures and videos of the nazi camps when the prisoners (men, women, and children) were liberated!! They SHOULD hear the stories of the survivors! This slaughter of people COULD not, and WOULD not have happened if they hadn’t allowed their government to confiscate their guns!!

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      1. I have seen that picture. I agree with what you say. Education in America is in the toilet. History of any kind is void. Recently it was noted that at a university the History major was not including American History. I bet if we look further we will find that the holocaust is not mentioned. Someone also said that the only history the new generation is focused on is the past five years of their lives. Biology is ignored, that there are only two sexes. Teachers are busy teaching kids how to put on condoms and teaching politically correct nonsense. Trade school seems to be a better choice than what our universities and colleges offer. K through 12 is no more than babysitting and brainwashing. There will be a civil war if the “leaders” in America try to abolish the second amendment and take all of our guns. I think part of America is awake and the other is asleep. I will be writing another blog targeting the second amendment. I will call it THE REAL GOAL IS TO DEMOLISH THE SECOND AMENDMENT….NOT SAFETY. Thank you for your comment.


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