Experience Report From One of Many Anti-Merkel Protest Marches

After you read it, you think that you have been in this Theatre before!!! The only difference is that Angela Merkel has truly brought it upon herself with her indiscriminate reception of too many immigrants. Immigrants of whom most have no desire to adopt the German culture. Worse, nobody knows if they or some have an agenda contrary to what the Germans have or want. ! You know what I mean?


The following text is a google translation of an article which was originally published on Juergen Fritz Blog.

Yesterday evening I was on my first demo.On a Merkel-muss-weg demo in Hamburg, initiated by Uta Ogilvie.Uta has started a movement, you will not forgive her.But they will now let them and their family atone, to make it clear to everyone: “Do not you dare to start something like that!Woe to you! “But people dare.And there will always be more who dare.These screaming necks, stone throwers, house smoochers and other human harassers have attacked a woman and her children just for holding up a “Merkel must go” sign.The citizens of this country will not accept that.There will be a movement from the center of society.First in Hamburg, then everywhere in Germany.From here it will spread.This is only the beginning, the beginning…

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