Just how naive are you????

This is a very interesting take on the currently so popular accusations of abuse sexually, verbally and physically. I have had many questions lately about all of it, coming out at this point in time…… And I do not wish to further elaborate on my thoughts and beliefs because I think that the readers will get the so-called DRIFT.

The Goomba Gazette

Coach abused me and took nude photos, former swimmer says


A former world champion swimmer says her former coach sexually abused and exploited her for several years beginning when she was 16, according to court documents filed this week in Washington state.

Ariana Kukors, now 28, told Department of Homeland Security investigators that Sean Hutchison abused her starting in 2005 and he took thousands of sexually explicit photographs of her when she was a minor.

Took 1,000’s of explicit pictures?? My questions is; just how naive are you???? 10 pictures – 100 pictures, a very BIG MAYBE; over a 1,000 is a stretch of;  just how naive are you????


It would be very cold and heartless to insinuate that these incidents didn’t happen, because they probably did. My questions is; just how naive are you???? When does the age of reason kick in?
According to Kukors the abuses began…

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