Reflections on 2017: Part 3… Trump Was & Still is “David” Facing Many “Goliaths”

WOW, MARTHAT, that is some piece you wrote and I couldn’t agree more. So many things you say I have written in just pieces. It is completely beyond my comprehension as a “Convert” = from a German native to an a PROUD American citizen. I got involved in political writing here in America, when an unknown, rather penniless Barrack Hussein Obama coming from nowhere to be president. I thought a lot about this. How could that happen? I firmly believe that he was “PUT” there by the money of communist billionaire Soros and followers of communism (they call it socialism and it’s not). I considered ourselves lucky to get Donald Trump into office to repair what Obama destroyed or tried to destroy, American pride, American values and perseverance. Most unfortunate is the fact that because of our learning institutions today and indoctrination by their educators and the American press/media, our young people are totally misled. They have no knowledge anymore about civic, they do not know the basics about American history, but learn what hate is all about. Congratulations LIBERALS, you have done a good job here. So, we, Martha, and like-minded people, have to continue writing wherever possible. Thanks for this great piece of journalism and you don’t even get paid for it.


The Goliaths Trump is having to deal with are huge in number. I compare Trump to David in the bible. He defeated Goliath, for the sake of his people. Some of the many Goliaths include the Democrats in congress, who only seem to want to obstruct any positive changes for America, and the Democratic National Committee. Both are hate filled machines. Another bunch of Goliaths are in Trump’s own party. They are  the ” Never Trumpers”, and are wolves in sheep’s clothing, like Flake and McCain from AZ, and the past living presidents. Others include George Soros, and people like left-wing groups similar to Media Matters. Another huge group includes most of the mainstream media, and major news papers across America. Probably the most surprising group is  known as the, “The Deep State”. And we can’t forget the establishment. They hate him, because he came into office, not owing anyone anything…

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