I watching, Tagesschau, every morning. Of course, the first item on their agenda was the remarks of Donald Trump about “sh…hole of certain countries like Haiti etc.” So I had to write something to that television news outlet. It just happened to be very suitable on a site about Facebook and what they accept and what not. I envision that my fairly lengthy, very explicit posting, may not make it on their site. So I’ll try my site. Here it is:

“I am happy to make comments on this site as a German/American, who has lived in America for 40 years, about the ultra-liberal German/European media, who apparently cannot think or talk for themselves but copy and regurgitate the journalistic garbage coming from the equally insane liberal media in the US. (Donald Trump, oh dear, the racist, the women hater, the bully and what not). And the so-called ‘faux-pas” by Donald with his last remark “Haitians and certain other countries’ whose people try to get into our country – why do we accept people from shitholes like Haiti into the US, rather than from Norway?” He is absolutely right: Haiti and many African nations, whose people are now up in arms about Trump’s remark, should actually concentrate on the fact how corrupt their governments are. Any financial help, usually ends up in their dictators’ pocket. I can assure everybody who is watching and reading the useless articles about America in the various liberal newspapers and news outlets: Half of American citizens are behind Donald Trump. If these so-called journalist would do their job, that they actually studied for, people and the world would also know, how President Trump has improved thousands of things, good for America and good for the world, instead, they focus on all the negatives and do actually harm to our country, by reporting lies, fake news and NO-NEWS ABOUT WHAT REALLY COUNTS. YOU, MEDIA, ARE THE “BASKET OF DEPLORABLE”, WHO CANNOT GET OVER THEMSELVES AND THE HATE FOR AN INDIVIDUAL THAT HAPPENS TO BE THE US President. We are proud to have Donald Trump and happy that the previous “Oberbefehlshaber”, Devil incarnate, Barrack Hussein Obama, is finally gone (ALMOST). He would have brought down the best country in the world, the United States of America, which is currently not so united, mainly because of outfits like yours, the liberal press. FACE BOOK, TWITTER ETC. are leftist social media sites, thus most likely, doing away with this comment here, while many others from the opposite factions of people with outrageous attacks and comments are tolerated. 

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