The way CBS is heading their article, is typical. They are very keen on reporting on what Trump did wrong, but usually do not report what is important or just take a few seconds to mention it.

‘Trump touts deregulation work’
CBS News
CBS News reports that the Administration of President Donald J. Trump has far surpassed its own goal for eliminating needless regulations in 2017.

“Earlier in the year, the president ordered that for every new regulation introduced, two must be eliminated,” CBS wrote. “But Mr. Trump said that goal has been exceeded. For every new regulation introduced, agencies have eliminated 22.” The President added that in his first 11 months, more than 1,500 planned regulations have been withdrawn or delayed, representing some $8.1 billion in lifetime regulatory cost savings—$570 million per year.

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The Washington Free Beacon reports that the Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday to “repeal the Obama-era net neutrality rules that imposed greater regulation over the internet.” The decision followed a detailed legal and economic analysis and an extensive review of public comments.
David Moore in Fox News writes that “GOP tax cuts will strengthen our economy and drive Democrats crazy.” The left’s reaction is more about politics than substance, he says. “Tax cuts will be good for the stock market,” Moore writes, and allow everyone “to keep more of their hard-earned cash.”
Bernie Marcus, co-founder of The Home Depot, has another message for Democrats in The Hill: The “’reverse Robin Hood’ tax reform narrative is bunk.” This is a tax bill for the middle class, he explains. “The Senate bill has numerous — and underreported — provisions that offer real relief to working Americans.”
In Reuters, Lucia Mutikani reports that “U.S. retail sales increased more than expected in November as the holiday shopping season got off to a brisk start.” Economic prospects got another boost Thursday, with data showing “the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits dropping to near a 44-1/2-year low last week.”

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  1. Reblogged this on AHUELON NEWS JOURNAL and commented:
    Trumps has been impressive despite all of his opposition. It is important that this message and his successes get out, since the main stream press, media, disgusting Facebook and people lining their pockets with Soros money, and the lazy thinkers in the progressive movement, and especially the Snowflakes are trying to bury or distort and twist the real truth.


    1. Really, Martha! The comical part is that the so-called “progressives” are actually moving backwards from the 21st Century. Just take the sexual harassment craze that’s is going on in this country. While a good number of complaints are totally justified, many of the women went along with the “couch” interviews, harassment of touching or more, but who could also have walked away from all of it. They didn’t and became movie stars or were elevated up the corporate ladder. This is nothing different from ordinary prostitution in my view. Many women are looking for money (and the help of ‘ambulance chasers” Gloria Allreid and her daughter Lisa Blum) or a story in the local television news, feminists and others who do not realize that they are trying get people back to an era, where sex and touch and compassion was a ‘tabu”.. Dating will be very problematic! “Don’t reach out and touch someone” has to be new “world” rode. I wonder how that will work out for these women. I liked the video done by Catherine Deneuve, a well-known access of Belgian nationality, who said just that. ” We finally as women, reached the “free sex” age and now we are moving backwards with so many unscrupulous and un-founded attacks on men. ” THAT IS NOT PROGRESSIVE MY FRIENDS!

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    2. And I will stick with it and paste all of this wherever I can. I have an idea that Facebook is probably the least important. With all the stuff that I post and the few people who have something to say, I don’t know where that goes. On the other hand. many people complain, but do not help to change what’s wrong.

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